Welcome to the kingdom of flavor fairies. is a green lifestyle embassy in Cesis, and one of its activities is a family shop. It is as close as possible to the Zero Waste lifestyle. It is an alternative to the usual and convenient supermarket system, where everything is already packed, all you have to do is go to the shelf and pick up the neat plastic packaging.

But after using the packaging, the customer pays again - by disposing of plastic packaging that cannot be recycled, creating costs that can be saved.

We have different things. We offer the customer a choice - how much and what to fill, maybe make a mixture of your favorite mix, such as spices, candies or snacks. customers become messengers because they share their stories and recipes. You too can become one of them - a part of the family, your own.

See you at in Cesis, Plavas Street 13 or in our online store. We are currently translating it from Latvian into English.

We have prepared a cohesion program for your company's employees about the small steps of an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Read more here.

Entrepreneurs from Cēsis are creating the first waste-free lifestyle awareness route in Latvia. The map Zero Waste walking route "Cēsīs tīri.labi" is available here.

If you want to contact us, feel free to write to [email protected] or call +37128804545.