Sustainability small steps village

We have a dream to create a Little Steps Village, where everyday there would be a nursing home and a kindergarten, because the interaction is a blessing, but the whole infrastructure would be adapted to the theme of sustainability with a barefoot path and 3D glasses that give the opportunity to visit the Daibe landfill. On the other hand, the information stands will be dedicated to all 8 forms of sustainability:
1. Self-growth 2. Career 3. Finances 4. Love 5. Health 6. Pleasure and relaxation 7. Time with friends 8. Time for yourself. That's why when you visit Cēsis, Pļavas Street 13, you will be greeted by a model of the Kingdom of Flavor Fairies with the story of our dream to create the village of Small Steps. You can support the realization of this dream with your purchase in our store or by donating: Follow my updates, support the cause, and let's inspire each other to make positive changes for ourselves and for generations to come.

🌱 Together, we can make a difference! 🌱

🌿 Small Steps Toward a Sustainable Everyday Life 🌿

Join us on a journey of incorporating simple, sustainable practices into our daily routines to enhance well-being and protect our planet. From eco-friendly tips and DIY projects to mindful living strategies, let's take small steps together towards a greener, healthier future. Every little action counts!